Top Hyperscale Data Centers & Storage Systems Workshop
Date : Tuesday, May 1st, 2018
Venue : DTC Walter Library 402
Spring CRIS Industry Advisory Board Meeting
Date : Wednesday and Thursday, May 2 - 3, 2018
Venue : UMN, Minneapolis, MN
Fall CRIS Industry Advisory Board Meeting
Date : Thursday and Friday, Oct. 25 - 26, 2018
Venue : Temple University, Philadelphia, PA


New Paper ALACC will be presented in FAST'18!
Congratulations to Zhichao, Fenggang and Hao.
Dr. Xiongzi Ge graduated in June 2017!
Congratulations to Dr. Xiongzi Ge. He graduated in June 2017 and is working in Netapp.
Dr. Xiang Cao graduated in June 2017!
Congratulations to Dr. Xiang Cao. He graduated in May 2017 and will work as a faculty in Grand Valley State University.
Dr. Ziqi Fan graduated this spring!
Congratulations to Dr. Ziqi Fan. He graduated in 2017 Spring and will work for Samsung in the future.

Research Group Meetings - Spring 2017

The following group meetings will be held evey week.

CRIS Routine Meeting Tue. 11AM-Noon, Room: 6-212 Keller Hall
Cloud Storage Tue. 9-10PM, Room: 4-204C Keller Hall
New Devices Thu. 9-10AM, Room: 4-204C Keller Hall

Check out the Publications page for a list of recent and past publications.

Conference Deadlines

USENIX ATC - January
SIGCOMM - January
OSDI - May
ACM SoCC - June
FAST - September
NSDI - October
EuroSys - October

Writing a good systems paper - 30 odd questions to ask!
David Du, Student

About CRIS

The Center for Research in Intelligent Storage (CRIS) is a partnership between universities and industry, featuring high-quality, industrially relevant fundamental research, strong industrial support of collaboration in research and education, and direct transfer of university developed ideas, research results, and technology to U.S. industry to improve its competitive posture in world markets. Through innovative education of talented graduate and undergraduate students, CRIS is providing the next generation of scientists and engineers with a broad, industrially oriented perspective on engineering research and practice. CRIS currently consists of three universities: University of Minnesota, Temple University and Texas A&M

Collaborative Sites

CRIS at Temple University

CRIS at Texas A&M

Center Mission

The goal of the Center for Research in Intelligent Storage (CRIS) is to push the boundaries of file, memory and storage systems by exploring and developing new technologies and techniques to improve the usability, scalability, security, reliability, and performance of storage systems.

The Center is established in the University of Minnesota a university with strong ties to the storage system industry: Minneapolis has long been a center of the storage industry in the United States. Research projects in the Center are supported by industrial members, and the Center encourages frequent participation by industry employees in the projects: participation in weekly meetings via phone call, email discussions, and face-to-face meetings. The Center encourages students to engage member companies via summer internships, facilitating technology transfer and building strong ties that can result in full-time employment after graduation.


The Center is primarily supported by its industrial membership and by funding from the National Science Foundation. The Center is part of the Industry & University Cooperative Research Program (I/UCRC) at NSF.